Planet X FX

Nr. 10
Nr. 10 VFX breakdown

cargo hold

Nr. 10 contains two extensive scenes that are set in a largo space that holds cargo with predominantly Catholic relics and artifacts. The environment is covered by fifteen different camera angles. Although some of the assets in the bay are props on the set, the large majority of what you see is full CG. We chose to build this digital set in its entirety as one big, continuous environment, instead of setting up all of the individual angles separately. That way, it was not only easier to do quick iterations (and we did a lot of them!), but it was also easier to get a unified feel - making sure that the scenes take place in an actually existing location.

Each and every piece of cargo is a full 3D model; we took no shortcuts (like photographed elements). That way we could shift items and lights around with no restrictions and render the result in all of the different angles instantly.

simulated church

On set, a fully full size church was present, even prepared for demolition by weakening certain parts of the structure.

Unfortunately, when the church was raised by a forklift to collapse and be demolished, it stayed completely intact. The help of VFX to complete the scene was necessary.

The church was completely rebuilt in 3D, matching every detail it had in real life. After the asset was created in 3D, we fractured the whole church again (virtually), breaking almost every plank multiple times and gluing it together in to be ready for simulation.

Eventually the church was simulated in two separate stages, first the building as whole with a very loosened steeple bouncing off the roof and in the second part, the steeple was simulated to hit the ground and completely break apart.

The full size church on set.