Planet X FX

Turbulent Skies leader

Turbulent Skies ('Vliegende Hollanders') is an epic Dutch tv-series about the early days of Dutch civil aviation. Idealist Albert Plesman and opportunist Anthony Fokker are inextricably bound together. During the interwar period and despite their differences, they pull off setting up civil aviation in the Netherlands, when the world is heading for a new war.

The series combines real archive footage with newly shot footage. It is like old pictures come to life and make you feel you were there…

For this leader, we worked together with the editor of Vliegende Hollanders Peter Alderliesten NCE. Peter selected and edited all the footage. Planet X Title Design added the look and feel and created the typography and main title for the show.

For international broadcasting, the title “Turbulent Skies” is used. We translated the original main title design to this international version. (FYI The literal translation of “Vliegende Hollanders” is “Flying Dutchmen”)