Planet X FX

Dirty Lines vfx breakdown

For this 6 episode Netflix Original series we had the pleasure to work on a wide variety of vfx shots.
To sell the 80's we adjusted, replaced or removed a lot of modern elements in the street scenes, like cars, street signs, telephone boxes and general street waste.

In the first episode we see a guy nearly - very nearly - driving his brand-new Ferrari into the harbour. To pull this stunt of we shot reverse footage: a pullback starting at the edge of the water and ending some hundred meters away. Into the match moved reverse of that we added our CG Ferrari. Then lots of elements to make the CG a believable part of the scene: rain on the car, splashes on the tarmac, smoke underneath the tires, sparks scraping off the cement.

Ferrari short clip
A few scenes are set in internationally famous Amsterdam night club the RoXY (1987 - 1999). Shot during the coronavirus we duplicated and added the dancing crowds. The hands, which was a typical decor element of the RoXY after the design of Matthew Whitehead, hanging above the crowd are 3D modelled and added in post.
To show the mayhem of loads and loads of telephone lines all connecting to the Teledutch company we made this crazy-fast camera move following one line, then two, then three, ending in too many lines to count. Along the way we fly through cracks in walls, seams between wooden floor-planks, holes in switchboards, dustpuffs and spiderwebs.