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    • Klem  2016
      [In productie] Psychologische thriller
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    • A'DAM - E.V.A. 3  2016
      [In productie] Dramaserie
    • Overspel 3  2015
      Psychologische thriller
    • Undercover  2015
    • Dramaserie, 8 afleveringen
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      Internet commercial
    • Toen Mijn Vader een Struik Werd  2016
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    • Ventoux  2015
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Setellite (v1.5) | On set VFX organizer

If you can't find what you're looking for in the FAQ's below, please don't hesitate to send us an email!

A new and improved version of Setellite has been officially announced for release December 2015! We’ve created a separate page for the new Setellite:

So a new version of Setellite will be released in December. What happens with my current version of Setellite?
We will support the current version of Setellite (1.x) for another whole year, up until January 1st 2017. This includes bugfixes and compatibility with future releases of iOS. There will be no feature updates however. Improvements available to you in the new Setellite, such as synchronized project sharing, backup and web-readout, will not become available in the current version of Setellite.

What will happen to my current (and archived) projects once I switch to the new Setellite?
You will be able to continue to use all your previous Setellite projects in the new version by pushing your data through to a server connected to your new Setellite account. We will provide an export module with an upcoming release of Setellite that enables you to do so. Once transferred, you can benefit from all the new features of Setellite 2.0.

I’ve just purchased Setellite and now I learn a new version is on its way.
Be assured that we will support the current version of Setellite up until January 1st, 2017. We would like to persuade you however, to upgrade to the new release. Therefore, every current user of Setellite can claim the first two months of subscription to the new Setellite free of charge (valued $29.98). This effectively means a complete compensation of your original purchase money (Setellite 1.x App Store price retails at $24.99).

What improvements can I expect?
Over the years, we’ve collected all the feedback and input from our users and came up with a new, more effective way to collect your on set data. As well as overall interface improvements. A short overview of features you can expect (subject to change):

- Setellite has been redesigned completely for faster input of data with a calculator based UI. The large buttons adapt to the current input fields by displaying presets.
- Real time synchronized project sharing; connect multiple user to a project. All cloud based!
- Backup of your work: choose when and what to backup to an external server.
- Web-readout: login to your account online to review and edit your saved data.
- Output and share your results to many different outputs.

What are the pricing details*?
Monthly, single-user subscription will be priced at $14.99 (storage space 10GB)
Pay ahead for a year will save you one month at $164.89 (storage space 10GB)
Additional storage space will be $4.99 for an additional 10GB to your account

*Pricing is indicative and may be subject to change.

We want to use Setellite as a company or team. What are the options?
We’re open to explore with you any custom solutions. Please contact us directly for any requests in this regard:

I’d like to know more about how my information is stored and/or if I can manage my own data locally.
We’re open to explore with you any custom solutions. Please contact us directly for any requests in this regard:

How does the Library work?
The Library is project-independent. If you need to, you can add a new camera, lens or filter to the Library. This camera, lens or filter is then selectable in the Gear section. It will also be available for future projects. In addition, version 1.1 also offers more customization through the library by letting you add or edit all the preset lists used in the App.

What is 'Gear' and how does it work?
The Gear-tab (in the right bar next to the project cover), allows you to preselect all the gear the filmcrew will use during the shoot. This selection is made for the particular project you're working on and is drawn from the Library. So, if the production uses multiple camera's, lenses and filters, you select the appropriate items by enabling the ticks next to it. This selection will be making up your shortlist throughout the project.

What is 'Template' and how does it work?
The Template option let's you create a form with predefined values that might be most common for your particular project. It might be faster to fill in your form starting from this template than starting with a blank template. For instance, the main camera will be pretty much the same throughout the production and just occasionally replaced by another model. 'Manually overwriting' your template in these occasions will be the faster and more convenient choice.

What is the 'Reference Link Manager'?
The reference link manager enables you to share reference items you created for a specific slate, with other slates. Maybe a drawing of the camera angles is valid for more than one slate or setup, so extending this reference can be useful.

Does Setellite support iCloud syncing or a similar backup system?
As of now, projects created in Setellite can be saved/stored on the iPad or exported to both PDF and CSV. The upcoming Setellite 2.0 release (planned for December 2015), will feature synchronized project sharing and web readout.

Is Setellite also available for iPhone or will it be in the near future?
As of now, Setellite is only available for iPad (and iPad mini). We feel that filling out forms and the amount of information and reference, can be done best on a bigger screen. But we keep the option of an iPhone version open.

Can I share my project or items in it with others?
Not in the current version, but Setellite 2.0 will feature synchronized project sharing and web readout. You currently can (1.x generation) export and/or share your project, certain slates and reference within your project with others as a PDF document or CSV file. CSV files can be imported by others, assigning certain column data to specific fields (from version 1.1 and up).

What can I do beforehand to prepare my VFX shoot?
This is not a particular feature per se, but since you can give any name or number to a slate, you might prepare any number of them and 'prefill-in' certain data that is already known. Once on the set, you can then rename these prepared slates up with the actual shooting order. For the time being, you could, for instance, give the slates the name of the storyboard or VFX ID. You might already know how many passes are required to create your shot, so these passes can already be added under the 'Takes & Plates' tab for that specific slate. The fields you leave open and fill out during the shoot are problably camera-specific data such as height, focal length and the actual number of takes that are needed to obtain a satisfying result.

UPDATE: Setellite 2.0 will feature both synchronized project sharing and web readout.

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Setellite 2.0 is now available!

Please visit for more info!