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Many thanks to all our (beta) testers for their support, feedback and suggestions. Please submit any feature requests or bugs to info@setellite_app.com 

New features for Setellite 1.x have been discontinued. Updates and support are still active.

Please visit the new Setellite (2) website for the latest developments:

Setellite 2 changelog: https://www.setellite.nl/changelog


Setellite 2.0 (www.setellite.nl)
Released: December 2015

From here onwards, please refer to the changelog page of Setellite 2.0: https://www.setellite.nl/changelog

- Synchronized project sharing with other Setellite users over multiple devices
- Backup your data over WiFi or 3G/4G
- Web-readout: login to your account online to review and edit your saved data
- Redesigned UI, featuring calculator like operation with adaptable presets
- Search function with advanced options
- Export 'dailies' or a selection of slates based on specific search queries
- Additional export and output options


New features Setellite 1.5
Released: August 10, 2016

- Export your data directly to Setellite 2.


New features Setellite 1.4
Released: January 4, 2015

- Export data to Shotgun.
- Export references.
- Easily rotate and mirror your references.
- Add mutliple gear items to your project at once.
- Easily clear the template by right-swiping over it in the slate pane.
- Fixed an erroneous shutter angle notation.
- Duplicating a take now immediately opens and shows the new take.
- Duplicating a take copies more values that are unlikely to change.
- Cancel the creation of a PDF file while it's being generated.
- Several bugfixes. 


New features Setellite 1.3
Released: June 2, 2014

- Project Notes.
- New export and import menus.
- Various improved and new fields based on the VES Camera Report Interchange Format (CRIF).
- Support for Stereoscopic Camera Setups.
- CSV Export Option for the VES CRIF.
- Audio and Video references show their duration in the References Tab.
- Location controls(GPS/Address selection) to the Drawing Map Selection.


New features Setellite 1.2
Released: August 13, 2013

- Multiple camera support
Tap the bullet at the bottom of the Camera page to add or remove additional camera’s and change their order. Swipe to switch between your camera’s. 

- New takes interface
Add and ‘record’ what each camera does during a take. Press the ‘plus’ button to select which camera’s or rigs are involved in the take. Put a timestamp on the exact moment a take is being recorded. We’ve removed the ‘Plates’ addendum from the Takes & Plates section and added categories. Create your own custom groups to arrange your takes the way you see fit.

 - Template
We’ve revised the way templates work. Just fill out the template the way you would with any other slate to create a ‘master record’ and start working from there. 

- Carbon copy slate
We’ve added a Carbon Copy option under the New Slate button. Choosing this option will take literally anything of the selected slate with it in the duplicate. 

- Audio notes
A new reference option is added: Audio notes. You can also loop the recorded audio notes, play them back faster or slower and add a note.

- Several smaller fixers and additions:
* Swipe to copy value from the from to the to field and vice versa in the takes tab.
* Switch slate or camera information in the slateboard.
* See slate-associated references in the summary tab
* CSV export now creates multiple files with better formatted data.


New features Setellite 1.1
Released: November 15, 2012

- Customize presets:
New library category let's you edit the default Setellite presetlists. You can add your own presets to the existing lists App-wide, edit them or rearrange them. If you need a specific plate description currently not listed under, for instance, the slate board or any camera item, you can add your own.

- Divided 'Gear' section:
Under 'Gear', the list to choose from is currently one, long, undivided list of camera's, lenses and filters. We're implementing a segment bar at the top of the list to divide it into different categories.

- Additional location features (map):
Your location on the map can be customized. A larger map will come up, allowing you to move the pin around, type in an exact address and see the GPS coordinates. The coordinates will also be exported as visible values in both PDF and CSV (request).

- New import options:
A simple, but customizable import module let's you import CSV's back in. You can assign data to specific tabs and fields, ensuring the data is read back in the right way. You can assign the data to be imported to a new or already existing project.

- Several smaller fixes and additions:
* Automatic numbering of slates has improved: after 8C comes 8D, after 8Z comes 8AA, etc.
* New value 'undefined' can be chosen, fixing a problem with wrong values if nothing is entered
* Better presetlists for shutter angle, focal length and lenstype (request)
* Option to sync the slate board's time code to iPads clock (request)


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