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the crash uses in-camera vfx as a first in netherlands

The first production that will be shot in ReadySet Studios new virtual production studio is the Dutch drama series Rampvlucht (KRO-NCRV), a large-scale conspiracy thriller about the Bijlmer plane disaster in 1992, which led to a much-discussed parliamentary inquiry.

The Senate and House of Representatives feature frequently in this series by production company Big Blue, but it turned out to be impossible to film at these locations.

The Dutch parliament 'Tweede Kamer' was build as a game-level within Unreal Engine to serve as an in-camera background to cover the many scenes that takes place in this 'impossible to produce' location.

“Virtual production offers a solution by creating these locations completely digitally and completely credible in 3D. As a result, it offers great perspectives for all filmmakers who often face these kinds of challenges," said co-founder Florian Legters of ReadySet Studios.

The 'Virtual Art Department' at work during the shoot of The Crash, making real-time changes to the Unreal scenes that are visible on the LED-wall.

The main screen of ReadySet Studios is 14 meters wide and 5.5 meters high with a large LED ceiling and can be moved separately. The set-up uses high-quality display technology and was installed by the leading Dutch company Faber Audiovisuals. ReadySet Studios is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and can therefore already count on national and international attention.

LED screens make it possible to project any location behind the set, photoreal and in high resolution. LED screens emit light that bounces back into the set and ‘lights’ the subject in front of it.