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    About Planet X and Setellite
    We are a boutique-style visual effects studio located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Next to our core business of VFX, we run a separate branch/company developing VFX and film related software and tools (PLX Technologies). We have 2 different products actively running, of which Setellite is currently the most prominent one.

    Setellite is an iPad-app and web-platform designed for VFX supervisors to collect on-set VFX data. Information like camera-height, lenses, photos of the film set and much more is collected on a per slate & take basis. At any time, extensive reports can be generated and/or data can be directly exchanged with ShotGrid (the most prominent VFX project management software owned by Autodesk). Multiple users can collaborate in real time on the same project.

    Projects like Sicario, The Queen’s Gambit, recently released Foundation (Apple+), For All Mankind, The Shape of Water, American Gods, Nightmare Alley, Dr. Who, Dark Matter, The Rain, etc. have used Setellite to collect their on-set VFX data.

    Profile, Requirements, and Wishes

    • Extensive knowledge of Objective-C and Swift. The candidate will maintain the existing Objective-C code and gradually refactor, and write new features in Swift.
    • Knowledge of the UIKit framework and SwiftUI as a plus.
    • Have experience with:
    • Client-server model;
    • Object Oriented Programming and design patterns such as MVC;
    • Developing a fully standalone app (local database and objects);
    • But also communicating with a JSON-based API for authentication, retrieving data, and sending changes.
    • The unique use case (and also complexity) of the Setellite app is that it works real time with other collaborators and a web client, but also has to work completely offline, keep track of remote changes and when there is an internet connection again offer these to the API, and any interim changes by other users that come in. also process.
    • Used to working with a medium-size codebase (700+ files)
    • Security-minded; we work with very sensitive data, e.g. experience with -or based on- OWASP Testing Guides or other iOS security best practices.
    • Experience with git control and repository hosting systems such as Bitbucket.
    • Experience with unit-testing and integration testing.
    • At least 2 years of experience developing new features and maintaining an app, during its whole life cycle.
    • Self-reliant, self-motivated and responsible work attitude as main (iOS) developer in a small team.

    Important Notes

    • The platform works realtime and is synced between all collaborators on a project. So between multiple iPads on a film set and between f.i. an iPad and the web-client. It is not a static environment and therefore should include the tech for regular retrieval of data from the server as to keep everything in sync. You can test and see how this works already on the current platform.
    • The source codes, files, etc. from all the work done so far on the iOS app are available for the new developer to take over;
    • Compact API documentation is available.
    • Security and compliances to work for -and with- major streaming platforms and film studios is a very important part of the platform. All data, especially the visual data, is very sensitive and has to be treated with the utmost care, whether it is during development and in the resulting platform afterwards.


    • Be part of a dynamic company with a challenging and international culture!;
    • A visual effects company with a solid position in the film/television industry;
    • We offer all the training and education you might need for your personal and professional growth;
    • Your own office within the company located in Amsterdam;
    • All the hardware and gear you will need to work the best way possible, which includes an iPad;
    • Tasty and healthy lunch!

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