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  • Director
    Joren Molter
  • Release
  • Producer
    Family Affair Films
    Floor Onrust
  • Title Design
    Roel Meijering
  • D.O.P.
    Tijn Sikken
  • Editor
    Maarten Ernest

Alko, a youngster living in the Dutch countryside, is occupied with girls, carbide-shooting and his changing body. While he and his best friend Björn are struggling with their emerging sexuality, the villagers suspect Alko of being gay. This troubles him so much that he makes a decision he will learn to regret.

For this One Night Stand movie by Joren Molter, we created the title design. We wanted to strengthen the raw, realistic and unsubtle character of Dòst with the title design. The images of the film are dusty and filthy, the unromantic side of the country life. By combining this with over produced, flashy and colorful titles, we created a contrast. "Dòst" is a typical country word for the dust that can not get off your hands after a hard day of working on the fields. They are stuck in their lives in the countryside of Groningen, but they also dream of hardstyle parties and all that goes with it! For the titles we used the visual language from the hardstyle scene. We designed titles that the boys from the movie would like for sure.

De aftiteling van Dòst.