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  • Director
    Nicole van Kilsdonk
  • Release
  • Producer
    The Film Kitchen, A Private View
  • Art Director
    Donald Roos
  • Motion Graphic Artist
    Roel Meijering
  • Music End Scroll
    Jett Rebel

Two separated elderlies see each other for the first time in many years when their 40-year-old son suddenly dies. In the months that follow, they seek consolation and their old love flares up again. They enjoy an innocent affair, which they try to keep secret for their family. However, that turns out to be more complicated than conceived.

The title design is simple. The two words "Oude" (old) and "Liefde" (love) are revealed simultaneously with a fade. This fade, from right to left, is a symbol of going back in time. Back to the old love.
This right-to-left fade comes back in the end credits. Always two names on each side of the title cards, a symbol for the two lovers.