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20 Lies, 4 Parents and a Little Egg

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  • Director
    Hanro Smitsman
  • Release
  • Producer
    KRO, Waterland Film
    Jan van der Zanden, Wilant Boekelman
  • Animation and compositing
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX
  • Design and typography
    Donald Roos

Sjors and Bert are abruptly introduced to Sjors' 15-year-old son after he is evicted by his two mothers. From that moment on, the lives of Sjors and Bert are turned upside down as the infantile parents deal with their incompetence.

We combined the images of the opening sequence in which the birthday cake is baked with typography. All movements of the actions were linked to the motion of the typography. At the same time, we made special wipes between the shots, where it seems like something is being unpacked. It can be the revealing of a birthday present or the revealing of what is really going on.