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  • Director
    Maikel van der Laken
  • Release
  • Producer
    Will Productions
    William Griffioen
  • Visual effects supervisor
    Dennis Kleyn
  • Compositing
    Dennis Kleyn
  • Ass. compositing
    Martin Neças-Niessner
  • Vfx producer
    Violette Kleyn
  • Release
    zomer 2010, The Netherlands
  • Running time
    45 sec.
  • Format
    shot op RED, post HD
  • D.O.P.
    Tjitte Jan Nieuwkoop
  • Editor
    Ben Putland

One of the commercials of the Nederlands Online Film Festival (NOFF) 2010 drew a great deal of attention because of the confusion surrounding the question of whether the well-known ‘real’ Dutch actress Anna Drijver was to be seen in the commercial, whether it was a look-alike, someone in a fatsuit, or possibly someone else… This confusion was obviously the aim of the filmmakers.

In the commercial the face of the slender actress Anna Drijver was tracked and composited onto a shot of a heavy woman. Lighting, camera angles and lip synchronisation of both shots were geared towards each other as much as possible to get a seamless result.

NOFF 2010 commercial with Theo Maassen

In the second commercial a more complex technique was used. Not a face but an entire head was replaced. A small person with a green cap over his head was a model for the body. Dutch comedian Theo Maassen's head was filmed from the same angles and composited onto the body.

R&D face replacement

As a 'proof of concept' this relatively simple test on DV was done, in which the image in shot A is tracked and the face in shot B is stabilized (on the stickers and on the Mickey-ears). Then shot B is composited into shot A. As can be seen, the lighting situation is exactly the same because both people were in the same position and filmed from the same angle.