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Olaf, happy little cannon

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  • Director
    Naam (Bastiaan Hooimeijer)
  • Release
  • Producer
    Happy Ship
    Martin Venema
  • Design, 3D modelling, animation
    Bastiaan Hooimijer
    Martin Venema
    Harry Arling
    Peter Pankras
    Marlon Regien 
  • 3D producer
    Martin Venema
  • Compositing & Grading
    Dennis Kleyn
    Albert van Vuure
    Violette Kleyn 
  • Release
    fall 2010, The Netherlands
  • Running time
    11 minutes
  • Format
  • Music reel/clip 
    Gerry Arling

'Olaf, happy little canon' (‘Olaf, vrolijk klein kanonnetje’) is a fairytale about a cannon that is confronted with itself in a fragile world. Olaf thoroughly enjoys his safe life in a fragile village, until on his fourteenth birthday he is confronted with the destructive side of his life as a cannon. Because he thinks he is insufferable, he sets out into the world to seek an elegant solution for this devastating problem.

‘Olaf, happy little canon’ is making the rounds in the festival circuit. The film was produced entirely in-house, under the flag of Happy Ship.