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  • Director
    Boris Paval Conen
  • Release
  • Producer
    KeyFilm in coproductie met de NCRV
  • Visual effects supervisor
    Dennis Kleyn
    Albert van Vuure 
  • Compositing
    Albert van Vuure
    Frank van der Peet
    Kimberley Klaiber 
  • Vfx coordination & planning
    Violette Kleyn
  • Release
    spring 2013, Nederland
  • Running time
    90 minutes
  • Format
    shot with Arri Alexa, finishing in HD
  • D.O.P.
    Martijn van Broekhuizen NSC
  • Editor
    J. P. Luijsterburg NCE, Phantavision
  • Facility
  • Grading
    Floor Bos

‘Exit’ is the true story of five asylum seekers who, on the night of their deportation, decide to resist. The authorities try everything in their power to expel them from the country. An oppressive night full of conflict and plotting ensues.

Because the airplane that plays a major role in the film could not resemble one from a recognizable airliner, Planet X FX had to make an existing plane – one from a museum – look like one from a fictional airline as realistically as possible. The color, logo and general appearance of the plane were altered in more than forty shots. This was a creative challenge, due in part to the additional complications handheld filming and the night-time setting.

Planet X FX also took care of the title sequence for the film.

'Exit' was awarded a 'Gouden Kalf' award for Best Television Drama at the Dutch Film Festival 2013.

Before & after (1/4)

In over 40 shots, the plane was digitally coloured and changed.

The (broadcast) trailer for 'Exit'

Five asylum seekers decide to resist their deportation on the night. Too much is riding on it for the authorities so they give it their all to extradite the five refugees. This story, based on true events, is a long night filled with battle and intrige. A night in which no one will come out a winner...